User’s Manual

1. How to install (for Android)

Download and install the application:
Microsoft AppCenter (no registration required)
Amazon Appstore (Amazon registration is required)

As you install the application, it will request permission to install apps from external sources.
The app will also request permissions to access your location, send and receive SMS messages. Please, grant all permissions, otherwise the application can’t function.

Your application settings include:

1. Phone number to send your coordinates to.
2. Interval for sending messages in the Tracing mode.
3. Number of messages sent during one session.
4. Coordinates format.

Please, remember to enable the GPS service on your phone.

2. How to launch the app automatically upon startup

When the app is installed, open System Settings of the application and enable the Startup setting.
This will keep the application running even if the phone memory is cleared or the phone is restarted.

Open your phone settings, find Applications, and scroll down the list to find the Safety Tracker app.
Toggle the Launch on Startup button to enable the setting.

3. Application info and operation modes

The app functions are disabled when you run it for the first time. Toggle the button in the upper part of the screen to enable the app (shown by the green arrow).
The toggle button allows you to enable or disable the application. The position ON means that the application is on standby, waiting for an SMS message with the code word. It remains in standby mode even if the application is minimized, and the screen is black.

The gear icon in the upper right corner will take you to the app settings.
The crosshairs icon in the upper left corner shows the accuracy of the transmitted coordinates.

The play button (►) in the center of the screen enables the Tracing mode: SMS messages will be sent to the trusted phone number or numbers repeatedly at a given interval of time.

The trusted number you added first is shown at the bottom of the screen. You may choose to add a phone number of a friend or family.
Tap on the speech balloon icon in the lower right corner to manually send your current location to this number.

Tapping on the play button (►) enables the Tracing mode, which means that SMS messages with your coordinates are sent to all trusted numbers repeatedly at a given interval of time. To stop the messages and disable the Tracing mode, tap on the pause button ( || ) once.

The status inside the circle explains when the last message was sent. The circle is gradually filled with white color, showing the remaining time to the next message.
Settings screen.

Add a trusted phone number or several numbers, which will receive the SMS messages with your coordinates.

Select the code word (a number combination or a word).
Please, make sure your trusted persons receive a correct code word.
When you add or change your code word, the application will ask to send your code word to trusted contacts, to keep it safe.

You may choose the recipients of your location messages: everyone with the code word or your trusted contacts only. The latter is set by default.

You may set the time interval between the messages sent in the Tracing mode from 1 to 9999 minutes.

Setting the maximum number of SMS messages in the Tracing mode will keep you from sending too many messages in case you forget to disable this function.

You have four options of coordinates format to be sent. Some of them are easily pasted into GPS systems, others can be opened directly on Google Maps.

Current status notification.

If the app is up and running, you will see the notification on the notifications tab: The application is currently active.

If you have enabled the Tracing mode, the notification will show:
The application is currently active.
Tracing mode is enabled

Given that the instructions are followed correctly: if your phone receives an SMS message with your code word (such as 4321 or any other code word you set), it will automatically reply with a message, containing:
– your GPS coordinates;
– time when your coordinates were taken;
– accuracy (in meters).

Please, remember that all SMS messages sent by the application are charged according to the tariffs of your mobile service provider: some tariffs can include up to 500 free outgoing SMS messages, others might charge every outgoing message.

You should be aware that you will be charged extra for sending SMS messages while roaming. Be careful while using the app abroad.